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NYMEX LS Crude 78.39
Henry Hub 2.24
Updated : 7/22/2024
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Pre-Ongard : General Production Data Search

Well-based production data is critical for many activities in the petroleum industry. In New Mexico, this data is collected by the Oil Conservation Division of the Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department, a New Mexico state agency. Prior to the existence of the ONGARD database, information reported to the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division via OCD Form C-115 was collected into one system called the Annual Statistical System. This system employed the use of an Annual Master Well Record, one for each year, to warehouse the oil, gas, and water production for each well's yearly reported production. Because the Master Well Record did not use API, it has not always been able to reconcile this data with ONGARD records.
The purpose of these Pre-Ongard pages is to present the production for those wells that we have not been able to migrate into the ONGARD database. These wells have been assigned pseudo-API numbers for indexing and identification purposes. Please be aware that the data associated with these wells is often incomplete and may not be accurate for every year.
For more complete data, consult the Annual Reports of the New Mexico Oil and Gas Engineering Committee, Hobbs, New Mexico.

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Petroleum Recovery Research Center, Socorro, NM-87801